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Data & Tech Consulting

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DATA Strategy

Learn how to make the most of data you have, or find new sources. From using AI for marketing & advanced analytics to developing data governance, QuirkWerk can help you build, grow and activate your data in new & exciting ways.

Martech & Adtech

Whether you’re building or buying, don’t waste time and money on empty platform promises! With QuirkWerk, you’ll have confidence knowing what technologies and partners are best suited for your unique needs.

Putting data into action

from our founder’s portfolio

Chevrolet Thank You

AI powered marketing

Our founder helped expand and enhance an automotive dealer CRM program by introducing machine learning & artificial intelligence to optimize more than 100 million highly-personalized customer communications annually, generating more than a billion dollars in repair orders and tens of millions in new vehicle sales profit.

Data Strategy & Partnerships

Partnering across nearly 200 data and platform providers, our founder has experience developing insourced and outsourced solutions to coordinate and deliver seamless, personalized customer experiences – online and offline – including connected television, direct mail, email, experiential, online advertising, websites, social, etc.

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Pitches & Presentations

Captivate your audience with compelling storytelling and visually dynamic presentations that leave them begging for more.



Unleash your brand’s potential with unique creative, innovative campaigns and performance media.

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