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Pitches & Presentation coaching, Design Services

Pitch, please!

Pitch Perfect Coaching

From video conferences to boardrooms, auditoriums to stadiums, learn scientifically proven “Jedi Mind Tricks” to gain the confidence you need to keep people begging for more.

The Werks: Custom Presentations

Engage audiences with mind-blowing presentations they’ll never forget. With QuirkWerk’s design, dynamic animations and compelling narratives, they won’t believe it’s PowerPoint!

The Werks

PowerPoints from our founder’s portfolio

Clients & Cromagnons Presentation

Clients & Cromagnons

An entertaining and educational presentation that teaches communication techniques to help sales associates develop stronger, lasting relationships with clients.

Epsilon PeopleCloud

Persuasive and visually stunning sales pitch materials advanced products and services, using friendly building blocks to describe what clients can build with data.

To mars & Beyond

An entertaining rally cry to inspire employees to think bigger about using data and identity for personalization.

Data King Presentation

The Data King

A breakthrough informational presentation using familiar stories and characters to simplify advanced marketing, data and analytics topics.

Our body of Data

Data and analytics platforms can be boring and complicated. This educational presentation uses the human body to break it down without PowerPoint indigestion.

DNA of Data

The DNA of Data

A dynamic exploration of the limitations and pitfalls of cookie and audience-based marketing, providing audiences with an alternate approach.

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Data & Tech

Supercharge your results with AI, data, tools, tech and partners that suit your unique needs.



Unleash your brand’s potential with unique creative, innovative campaigns and performance media.

Career coaching


Knock their socks off with a standout resume and interview with charisma and confidence.

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